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a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts

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Two customers contacted the office about bank cards and PIN numbers not having been delivered and them being used at cash machines.
A CRUEL trickster claiming to be a police officer conned a Solihull pensioner into revealing her PIN number before stealing hundreds of pounds from her bank account.
In fact, most residents interviewed complained of feeling unsafe when attendants ask for their PIN numbers.
Churchill interviewed a number of convicted burglars and these interviews suggested that crooks will take time out during a robbery to look out for bank PIN numbers in a property.
The Dubai Police have also urged people to change their card pin numbers from time to time and have proposed a modern ATM to be provided that would beep or automatically shut down if anyone inserts a chip or uses cameras to copy the pin numbers.
The retailer company said that customers' debit card accounts have not been compromised due to the encrypted PIN numbers being taken.
Rather than fumbling for change and holding up a hungry lunch line, the child simply enters his PIN number and the cost of the lunch is deducted from his account.
Once the victim reveals the pin numbers, the crook then shuts down his phone and disappears.
The team of fraudsters, from Coventry and Birmingham, plotted to steal debit and credit cards from bank cash machines and get hold of the owners' pin numbers so they could steal money.
The Bank advised against entering PIN numbers while anyone is watching and to ask them to maintain distance while entering the number, in addition to writing down the number of the clients services number to report the loss of the card immediately, keeping the card somewhere other than a wallet, and keeping an eye on account statements and invoices.
Neighbourhood police sergeant Mal Wallace said: "This is a timely reminder about the dangers of keeping your bank cards and PIN numbers together.
He said: "Criminals will use rogue devices on the front of cash machines to dupe people and get their hands on their bank funds, and may place cameras in the device to record the pin number that has been entered.
But authorities said he was really peering at customers, eying their PIN numbers then stealing cash from their accounts.
Lloyds TSB Middle East has advised its customers in the UAE to immediately change the PIN numbers of their debit cards.
The court heard the 46-year-old was caught after it became clear credit cards and pin numbers were disappearing and enquiries revealed it had been on his round.