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a number you choose and use to gain access to various accounts

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Judge Watson said that Bentley's 13-year service as a postman meant he recognised envelopes containing bank cards and PIN numbers and decided to resolve his debt problem by stealing three bank cards and then watched over the next couple of days for the corresponding pin numbers.
He tricked her into handing over her card and PIN number, which was picked up shortly afterwards by a man claiming to be a courier and PS400 was later taken from her account.
a mechanical engineer said: "If you do give out your PIN number to the attendant, you are requested to park on the side where other vehicles are passing by while the transaction is being made.
The police also discovered that the gang was using electronic chips to copy the pin numbers of the ATM users.
Those behind the initiative said that because the fingerprint authentication will act as an extra level of security when making a card payment in the same way that someone entering their Pin number does, people will potentially be able to make higher value payments with the new system.
What the teachers, cafeteria workers and principals like is that the Electrone Americas keypads are durable, and they facilitate very quick entry of the PIN number, which speeds the serving process.
The scammers also watch the client to get their PIN number, and afterwards they duplicate the data stored in the original card on another card, allowing them to use it to access the client's account.
After the purchase of the Web chat PIN number, customers can either follow the on-screen instructions to start the live Web chat session immediately, or if they prefer, make a note of their PIN number and return to the chat at a later date.
Neighbourhood police sergeant Mal Wallace said: "This is a timely reminder about the dangers of keeping your bank cards and PIN numbers together.
People can prevent themselves from becoming a victim by covering their pin number with their hand or bag and being more alert when they withdraw money.
They can easily see your pin number and then target you to steal your card.
Quitadamo called the technique a twist on the "shoulder surfing" scam, in which a person stands behind someone at an ATM to attain a person's PIN number.
North Wales Police took the a card scanning and pin number reader from the ATM at the Tesco store in Porthmadog.
In response to the current ATM fraud problem there has been some suggestion that security could be improved by introducing the chip and pin number system for cards.
It is the first time such a device, which can copy bank details and also video people entering their pin number, has been seized in Swansea.