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The PHA administration had set up its office in a small rented building adding that 300 posts were already vacant and after recruitment on these posts current building would become more congested, he added.
NAB had also launched inquiry into allotment of government flats on political basis by ex-Secretary Housing while according to the law, employees of PHA were not eligible to allot these flats.
Through its robust advocacy, research and education initiatives, the PHA offers members a forum to advance shared learning and applied research to further innovation and establish best practices in the population health field.
Purified biopolymers (PHA) are diverse in their material properties and chemical composition due to the multitudinous of PHA monomeric units and their incorporation in varying amounts [7].
com) is also seeking FDA clearance for a-PHA in food-contact applications; it already has such clearance for its semi-crystalline PHA grades.
These challenges fired up and fortified the impetus of the PHA Council on RF/RHD to embark on the National RF/RHD Registry, initially in Metro Manila and Cebu, in 2013, to establish an accurate figure on RF/RHD prevalence in the country," said Philippine Heart Association President Alex Junia.
The representatives of the genus Bacillus are considered the dark horse in the battle to produce sustainable energy, eco friendly non-fossil fuel- based PHA polymers, and bioactive molecules for use as therapeutics (Kumar et al.
Although the existing PHA plant capacities are underutilized at present, the companies are still planning for further capacity expansions.
Two plasmids, pTZPHAC1 and pTZPHAC2, which contained the PHA synthase genes (phaC1 and phaC2) from P.
The petitioner's counsel submitted that PHA had issued seven-day notices to the petitioners asking them to remove their signboards and billboards, failing which the PHA itself would remove them and re-auction the sites.
It has developed its materials in cooperation with local universities in Shenzhen and is currently producing 5,000 tonnes of PHA a year.
Since the Maintenance WAVE began in spring 2009, more than 8,800 preventive repairs and upgrades have been completed at more than a dozen PHA sites.
While other members of this microbe family turn sugars and other plant-based materials into PHA, converting styrene is rare, says O'Connor.
Guenther's principal responsibilities include: reviewing long-range planning of PHA's container facilities, establishing and maintaining updated labor rules, supervising and coordinating the overall performance of facility maintenance and terminal operations at certain PHA terminals.
The next phase of the development will include homes for sale, and PHA hopes the combination of rental and homeownership units in all three phases will total about 250.