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a powerful greenhouse gas emitted during the production of aluminum

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to PFC Technologies' California facility for processing.
Gain up-to-date information regarding the deals and alliances in the PFC industry and how they affect the major players in this market.
An advantage of the PFC over other portable power sources is that it can be refueled in seconds by replacing the hydride canister.
The PFC/Subordinate bonds are secured by a senior lien on PFC revenues and a subordinate lien on general airport revenues.
Vahan Zanoyan, CEO & President of PFC Energy said: "Energy City - Qatar is a revolutionary concept that will transform the development process not only in Qatar, but also in the entire Middle East region.
Jason comes to PFC Energy with 15 years of professional experience with oil and gas contractors and service companies.
The gas purchase agreement between J Aron and PFC that requires J Aron to supply 20 years of a fixed amount of gas supply in return for a prepayment made from bond proceeds;
Headquartered in Washington, DC, with offices in Houston and Paris, PFC Energy is a leading strategic advisory firm in global energy with clients worldwide, including major energy companies, financial institutions and governments.
CONTACT: Bruce Campbell of PFC Energy in Washington, D.
Her knowledge of the energy industry in general and the service industry in particular will make her a valuable asset for all PFC clients as we continue to expand our services across the industry," said Vahan Zanoyan, PFC president & CEO.
7 million series 1999A (Non-AMT) PFC revenue bonds and $182,873,000 series 1999B (AMT) PFC revenue bonds, are rated `A' by Fitch IBCA.
PFC revenue bonds are secured solely by a pledge of PFC revenues.
Today's advanced linear fluorescent ballasts rely on PFC to comply with government regulations.
After careful consideration of competing vendor solutions, Funai has selected VividLogic based on its comprehensive solution, experience with different HD Decoder IC platforms and the flexibility of their OCAP and PFC framework.