PET scanner

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a tomograph that produces cross-sectional X-rays of metabolic processes in the body

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An essential requirement for the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama, the PET Scanner allows doctors to detect the early onset of disease before it is evident on other imaging tests.
Information available online shows that a PET scanner can be bought for as low as $95,000 (Sh9.
The total body PET scanner would provide a noninvasive method that could detect these micrometastes, guide clinicians if chemotherapy is appropriate, and be able to assess the therapeutic response.
8 September 2011 - US-based PET scanner developer Naviscan announced today it had received CE Mark approval for its high-resolution PET scanner and PET-guided biopsy accessory.
Our approach was to eliminate the need for restraint by developing a PET scanner that would move with the animal, thus opening up the possibility of directly correlating the imaging data with behavioral data acquired at the same time," said Schlyer.
The PET scanner can be used throughout a cancer patient's treatment, from diagnosis and to check that chemotherapy is having an effect.
The PET scanner is one of a only few machines of its kind in the UK and means patients no longer have to travel to Cheltenham or London to have a scan.
Mr Boivin began using a "poor man's" PET scanner at the hospital in 1997, which cost just pounds 120,000, which made clinicians aware of the potential benefits.
Eighteen months ago, I travelled to London to speak at a press conference challenging the government to provide PET scanners to help the diagnostic assessment of lung cancer patients.
Another advantage: the PET scanner uses a small radioactive dose.
Also there were footballer Niall Quinn and his wife Gillian, above, who paid the door tax all proceeds from which went to St Vincent's Hospital towards a PET scanner.
Spread over three floors, this challenging project called for the installation of atmospheric protection mechanisms to run new and highly sophisticated technologies including: a PET Scanner, Multislice Helitcal CT, 1.
I would like to acknowledge my colleague Edward Hoffman, who worked with me when we developed the first PET scanner, as well as many other colleagues here at UCLA who have contributed so much to the success of PET.
What is the size of the PET scanner market in the world and in different countries?
The Territory Labor Government is delivering high quality cancer services with the PET Scanner Project meeting another key milestone.