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a tomograph that produces cross-sectional X-rays of metabolic processes in the body

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The report provides a snapshot of the PET scanner market.
The Naviscan PET scanner is currently installed and available in breast and imaging centers throughout the U.
Our approach was to eliminate the need for restraint by developing a PET scanner that would move with the animal, thus opening up the possibility of directly correlating the imaging data with behavioral data acquired at the same time," said Schlyer.
The PET scanner is one of a only few machines of its kind in the UK and means patients no longer have to travel to Cheltenham or London to have a scan.
Mr Jones said: "This PET scanner is important from a medical and economical point of view.
Walsgrave oncology consultant Mark Hocking said: "We are already a main cancer centre for the region, and the introduction of a PET scanner will improve the outcome for our patients and strengthen the trust's position as a forerunner in the treatment of cancer.
Mr Boivin began using a "poor man's" PET scanner at the hospital in 1997, which cost just pounds 120,000, which made clinicians aware of the potential benefits.
Eighteen months ago, I travelled to London to speak at a press conference challenging the government to provide PET scanners to help the diagnostic assessment of lung cancer patients.
Naviscan) with the 2012 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Quality Leadership for its organ-specific PET scanner.
Had it not been for the PET scanner, they may never have found that I had caught it.
The new super hospital is taking delivery of a revolutionary PET scanner which David Roberts (left) says will bring an end to patients Turn to Page 3 having to travel
Unlike standard techniques such as X-rays and MRI scans, which show body structures like bones and tissue, a PET scanner can highlight chemical and physiological changes in body function.
The nation does not have a pounds 5m cutting-edge PET scanner despite the proven benefits to cancer patients and its potential for medical research.
INDIANAPOLIS -- Positron Corporation (OTCBB:POSC), a molecular imaging and solutions company specializing in Nuclear Cardiology and a leader in Cardiac PET, announces that due to a greater demand for the Attrius[TM] PET scanner, the Company has recently begun increasing production capacities with its joint venture, Neusoft Positron Medical Systems.