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Synonyms for peso

the basic unit of money in Uruguay

the basic unit of money in the Philippines

the basic unit of money in Mexico

the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau

the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic

the basic unit of money in Cuba

the basic unit of money in Colombia

the basic unit of money in Chile

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For example, in the sugar industry, 1 million dollars in exports can now be exchanged for 12 million in pesos, instead of 1 million, and some of that money used to improve wages and the payments farmers receive for their cane.
En 12 pacientes estables se continuaron analisis con bioimpedancia en la sesion de mitad de semana, durante 4 semanas para evaluar las variaciones de peso seco segun juicio clinico y los cambios en los parametros medidos por bioimpedancia vectorial.
13 billion pesos ($462 million), down from a revised 2.
Se registro alzada a la cadera, peso al destete y peso y fecha de nacimiento, determinandose ulteriormente la ganancia diaria de peso, peso ajustado a los 210 dias y frame score, informacion de campo que fue volcada en planillas de calculo para su revision y posterior analisis de la varianza para un diseno completo al azar.
In March 2009, the Colombian peso was trading at 2,500 per dollar.
said that he had not heard of any other chain in Southern California accepting pesos.
Article 117 of the Mexican Constitution, however, prohibits state governments from obtaining financing from foreign entities and further prohibits such financing in anything but pesos in an effort to avoid over-indebtedness.
Non-union Mexican Wal-Mart "associates" earn an average of 13 pesos an hour (about $1.
75 pesos and now is trading in new territory, the likelihood has increased that it will reach 56 pesos,'' Liboro said.
600 billion pesos as domestic beer sales increased a 4.
Manila -- Philippine President Mr Joseph Estrada has signed into law a higher budget for 1999, including a fiscal deficit of at least 18 billion pesos (US$461 million) to stimulate the country's sagging economy.
Holders of the tesobonos have not in the end suffered losses; the Mexican government has been able to honor its obligations, initially paying out pesos and meeting the resulting demand for dollars out of its reserves and later paying off foreign holders of tesobonos directly in dollars.
As indicated, simply to maintain the same actual values insured for machinery and raw materials alone, the total premium in pesos climbed from 103,200 to 164,100--an increase of 59 percent.
The first 36,000 new pesos obtained in a calendar year are exempt.
0 million pesos, a lower figure than in the fourth quarter of 2008.