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Synonyms for peso

the basic unit of money in Uruguay

the basic unit of money in the Philippines

the basic unit of money in Mexico

the basic unit of money in Guinea-Bissau

the basic unit of money in the Dominican Republic

the basic unit of money in Cuba

the basic unit of money in Colombia

the basic unit of money in Chile

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Finally, there is also evidence (41) that at least among elderly, measurement of hsTnT or NT-pro BNP is at least as effective as the PESI score regarding prognostication.
28)] Bova NT-proBNP 600 pg/mL Biomarker- Copeptin [greater than based or equal to] 24 pmol/L Lauque 2014 132 PESI FABP 6 [micro]g/L [Lauque et al.
More patients can be classified via Geneva as low risk, but the difference in mortality rates between the two systems suggests doing it more safely with the PESI," she said.
Sponsor: PESI HealthCare Title: Preventing a Crisis: Subclinical Signs of Impending Doom Date(s): September 17, 2007--Appleton, WI September 18, 2007--Brookfield, WI September 19, 2007--Wisconsin Dells, WI Contact Hours: 6.
The Professional Education Systems Institute (PESI; Eau Claire, WI) has published Courtroom Power: Communication Strategies for Trial Lawyers, a book designed to help attorneys "persuade the jury that your version of an event is correct," PESI said.
Clark Nuber, a CPA firm headquartered in Bellevue, has joined forces with PESI to bring together some of the most creative, strategic and experienced faculty in the nation.
Sponsor: PESI HealthCare Title: End Stage Diseases: Care When There is No Cure Date: June 11, 2007--Eau Claire, WI June 12, 2007--Roseville, MN June 13, 2007--Bloomington, MN Contact Hours: 6.
Services, NASDAQ: NASDAQ: PKOH PESI 11:40 am Intraware, Inc.
PESI is using Cirrus' technology to target wireless home networking applications including network interface cards, bridge/access points, residential gateways, set-top boxes, broadband modems, and other mobile devices.