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absence of the sense of pain without loss of consciousness

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Revenue Share Program -- attribute purchase profits to any PCA SKIN professional
The PCA isn't taking that figure seriously and is foregoing any talk about numbers for the moment.
PCA employees will have access only to cases assigned to them.
Cement formulations were the main subject of the event, as PCA announced that the cement industry was working to change its ASTM-controlled formulation to allow as much as 5 percent ground limestone in its final product.
PCA can be accessed at any time from any location using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
PCA is the sixth largest producer of containerboard and corrugated packaging products in the United States with sales of $2.
He has the experience, passion and demonstrated ability to take PCA SKIN to the next level," said Richard Linder, PCA SKIN Chairman.
We expect that the Trust can do a better job than the current advisor and administrator for PCA, and the trustees' recent comments in response to our offer only underscore why we believe they are not serving the long-term interests of the shareholders of PCA.
Richard Linder, Chairman of the Board - Formerly PCA SKIN's CEO, Richard Linder will now serve as chairman of the board for PCA SKIN.
The proposed mergers offer shareholders of PCA and PMN the opportunity to continue to invest in a fund managed by the same portfolio management team using substantially the same investment process (though without the leverage available to closed-end funds) and continuing to focus on municipal securities of the relevant state.
DePriest's leadership will allow us to enhance and expand the work PCA Georgia is doing to prevent child abuse and neglect throughout Georgia," said Mark Stancil, PCA Georgia Board Chair.
Deloitte's teaming with PCA reinforces our belief in the importance of ethics and character in sports," said Jim Thompson, PCA's founder and executive director.
Paul Lorenc, renowned New York City aesthetic plastic surgeon, has aligned with PCA SKIN, a leading clinical skin care company and originator of advanced chemical peel formulations, to offer PCA professional treatments and daily care products in his office.
PCA trains workshop attendees to create a positive, character-building environment for youth athletes, replacing the prevalent win-at-all-cost mentality.
a board- certified dermatologist, Mohs skin cancer surgeon, biomedical engineer and chemist, and Richard Linder, a Harvard Business School graduate, have joined PCA SKIN as Chief Scientist and CEO respectively.