p-n junction

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the junction between a p-type semiconductor and an n-type semiconductor

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gel]-U characters of the p-n junctions were also tested for varying swelling ratios of the gels.
gel]-U characteristics of these p-n junctions are adjustable by changing the doping concentration and the mass ratio of the gels.
The p-n junctions of silicon diodes and BJT's often operate at current densities that may be as much as tens of A/[mm.
The analysis of concrete p-n junctions shows that junctions of silicon semiconductor devices often operate at injection levels that are much greater than low-level injection limiting values.
Yang and his group are able to reduce both the quantity and the quality requirements for silicon by using vertical arrays of nanostructured radial p-n junctions rather than conventional planar p-n junctions.
The process creates a boundary called a p-n junction inside the device.