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any of three isotopes of a colorless aromatic liquid hydrocarbon occurring in the volatile oil of cumin and thyme and used in the manufacture of synthetic resins

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However, there is no description of the effect of EOLs thymol, p-cymene, myrcene and caryophyllene on sciatic nerve excitability, which was demonstrated by other terpenes and terpenoids.
In trial 1, the effects of 11 ACEO (eugenol [99% purity], carvacrol [98% purity], citral [95% purity], limonene [96% purity], 1,4-cineole [85% purity], [gamma]-terpinene [97% purity], p-cymene [99% purity], linalool [97% purity], bornyl acetate [95% purity], [alpha]-pinene [98% purity], and [beta]-pinene [99% purity]), which were provided by Sigma-Aldrich Chemical (Sigma-Aldrich, St.
copticum essential oil containing main constituents carvacrol followed by p-cymene, T-terpinene and apiol has shown overall 50% sensitivity greater than pure essential oil.
Blends were also prepared with p-xylene (20 vol%) and p-cymene (20 vol%) to demonstrate the impacts of increasing aromatic content without fuel oxygen.
To determine the cytotoxicity of ethanolic extracts and their individual components, cells were treated with the different treatments (thymol, carvacrol, p-cymene, and/or 1-octacosanol dissolved in 1% ethanol [the vehicle solution had no effect on the antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of the extract and/or its constituents]) in media.
essential oil were cyclohepta-1,3,5,-triene, 2H-1,4-pyridoxazin-3(4H)-one, L-carvenol, p-cymene, a- terpineol, b-sitosterol, tyranton, mesityl oxide, - terpinene and b-linalool, which have the high potentiality against isolated Xanthomonas sp.
In conclusion, our finding showed that thymol, p-cymene and c-terpinene the main compounds of Z.
Quantization of major constituents of the oils were compared by the retention time and RIs of related authentic components (thymol, carvacrol, p-cymene, [gamma]-terpinene) (Adams 2001; National Institute of Standard and Technology 1998).
Some constituents such as p-cymene, 1,8 cineol, [gamma]-terpinene and linalool were found in the essential oil only of the flower and leaf, but absent in the rhizome.
The monoterpenes ate represented mainly by monocyelic compounds of the p-cymene group, such as limonene, terpinene, phellandrenes and the oxide 1,8-cineole.
Phenols and gamma-terpinene were found to possess excellent antioxidant activity whereas cuminal, cuminyl alcohol and p-cymene showed weak activity.
The monoterpene: ([+ or -])-[beta]-citronellol, ([+ or -])-citronellal, (-)-[alpha]-pinene, (-)-[beta]-pinene, [alpha]-terpinene, [gamma]-terpinene, [alpha]-terpineol, 1,8-cineole, citral, thymol, carvacrol, [alpha]+[beta]-thujone, camphene, ([+ or -])-camphor, (-)-borneol, p-cymene, myrcene, menthone, ([+ or -])menthol, geraniol, geranyl acetate, linalool, linalyl acetate, (R)-(-)-[alpha]-phellandrene, estragole, (R)-(-)-carvon, limonene showed potent phytotoxic activity and these compounds could be used both as potential bio-herbicides and lead structures for the development of new, potentially safe and ecocompatible pesticides (Martino et al.
The major components in straw like, limonene and decanal was higher under Giza condition and vice linalool, [gamma]-terpinene and p-cymene which were higher under North Sinai condition.