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capital of North Korea and an industrial center

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75) The physical association of Korea's glorious pasts with the Taedong River and P'yongyang, which North Korea declares to be the cradle of one of the five world civilizations, clearly reveals North Korea's almost desperate response to a hostile international environment.
In its early years, leaders of the new kingdom saw themselves as successors of Tan'gun and venerated him at a shrine in P'yongyang.
12] The sect's "church" in P'yongyang in northern Korea is even more clearly modeled on Protestant lines.
63) In 1938, the Presbyterian General Assembly meeting in P'yongyang was so submissive to the police that it approved attendance at the Shinto shrine unanimously.
Currently, P'yongyang has halted operation of the 5MW(e) reactor, ceased construction on two larger reactors, frozen activity at the plutonium recovery plant, and agreed to dismantle these facilities eventually.
77) Later in the career, he passed the military examination (1882), attained a Five Guards generalship (sometime in the 1890's), and received a promotion from senior third rank to junior second rank after transporting royal portraits to a newly built imperial shrine in P'yongyang (1902).