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an unabridged dictionary constructed on historical principles


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While this doesn't appear in my 1961 printing of Webster's Third, it does appear in the separately-issued 1966 addenda section, as well as in The Oxford English Dictionary.
Unlike the Oxford English Dictionary, which describes words and usage, Johnson's dictionary was rather prescriptive (more than 800 words are damned as "barbarous," "vile," "improper," or "low") and somewhat quirky.
Oxford said that the first "multi-volume Oxford English dictionary was fully published in 1928 and the second edition in 1989.
The first edition of the multi-volume Oxford English Dictionary was published in 1928, and the second edition in 1989.
This week, bizarrely, an Oxford English dictionary has been placed next to the po.
According to the Oxford English Dictionary the longest word in the language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, with 45 letters.
Heaviosity, impactful, retro-futurist, manbag, carbon-neutral, goody bag, blogroll, Foggy Bottom, splitsville, and smoosh are among the 2,500 new words (and their meanings) added to the Sixth Edition Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, which is a two-volume compendium of the full 20-volume Oxford English Dictionary.
The second print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (1989) shows 39 entries crediting Hemingway with a word's first use in English, citing dates, titles, and quotations.
We are simply reporting language development as defined by the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.
The Ring of Words: Tolkien and the Oxford English Dictionary
A U3 enabled flash memory drive pre-loaded with a digital version of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary is being launched by Clever-Stuff Limited, a digital consumer products company, and the Oxford University Press.
Bada-bing, Five-O, and over a thousand other words have also attracted the attention of the editors of the OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY (WWW.
The pocket-sizedmarvel includes the entire contents of The Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, plus every entry from the latest editions of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary, Concise Oxford Thesaurus and Oxford Concise Dictionary of Quotations.
And you have to love someone who loves the Oxford English Dictionary in all its shapes and forms (CW, April 1989).
It still isn't, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, which includes no mention of the camera in its definition of the word "photography.
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