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the dialect of English spoken at Oxford University and regarded by many as affected and pretentious

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Prime examples are the 14-letter SCINTILLESCENT (listed in both The Oxford English Dictionary and Webster's Second Edition) and the 14-letter TAENIODONTIDAE (from Webster's Second Edition).
Procured the service of ensuring electronic information resources Oxford English Dictionary in the form of on-line access to servers licensor to sponsor the period 1.
The Oxford English Reference Dictionary goes on to note: "Pollution, deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels were discovered to be leading to previously unsuspected phenomena such as global warming, acid rain, and ozone depletion .
htm) Oxford English Dictionary May Also Accept Same-Sex Union in Definition of Marriage
London, March 18 ( ANI ): Oxford English Dictionary has added curse words like "c***ed" and "c***ish" in their latest revision.
The problem has become so widespread the phrase FOMO made it into the Oxford English Dictionary just a few months ago.
That worked until I put my trousers in the washing machine" - John Simpson, outgoing editor of the Oxford English Dictionary.
Origin of the term are uclear, but some sources (the Oxford English Dictionary, Webster's) derived It from Old Norse Hrufa ("crust on a wound, scab").
com)-- Oxford Dictionaries editors have found that "time" is the commonest noun in the English language, according to evidence from their English language database, the Oxford English Corpus.
That same year another important literary work emerged, a twelve-volume (plus one volume Supplement) edition of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), that concentrated more particularly on word meanings.
Summary: The heart sign has entered the Oxford English Dictionary as the first graphical symbol to signify a word.
the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) also goes online in a renovation that will add more than 600,000 new words to the work .
Based on the authority of the British National Corpus and the Oxford English Corpus, the OALD has been a worldwide hit for over 70 years, the announcement added.
Associated Press reported that the full 20-volume Oxford English dictionary (OED) "may only be available online" in future given waning interest in printed editions of the most authoritative dictionary.
The Oxford English Dictionary, that apotheosis of the lexicographer's art, is bowing to the times and eyeing an all-digital future.
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