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Synonyms for overweight

Synonyms for overweight

Synonyms for overweight

the property of excessive fatness

usually describes a large person who is fat but has a large frame to carry it


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In the age group 18-20 years, 20 (20%) were normal, 4 (4%) were overweight and 1(1%) was obese and 3 (3%) were underweight.
London had the lowest levels of obesity, with 14 per cent obese and a further 22 per cent overweight.
Then the researchers showed 167 children in elementary school either an overweight or normal-weight character and offered them cookies.
Similarly, food restriction was most common for pairs that were both overweight, or obese, compared to those who were both not overweight or who differed between parent and child, the authors reported in Pediatrics.
The proportion of obese Irish men was expected to increase from 26% to 48% while the figure for those either overweight or obese rises from 74% to 89%.
Adolescents suffering from depression or who had previously attempted suicide were more likely to believe they were overweight and try dangerous methods to lose weight.
Overall, 60% of men and 50% of women report that they are neither overweight nor trying to lose weight.
Globally, the percentage of adults who were overweight or obese - classed as having a body mass index greater than 25 - grew from 23 per cent to 34 per cent between 1980 and 2008.
uk/future-diets) study also suggests that the geography of obesity is shifting with more adults overweight or obese in developing countries than in rich countries.
Children and adolescents with overweight and obesity are at an increased risk for development of metabolic syndrome, i.
Because many populations across the globe continue to gain excess weight, Richard Silverwood, PhD, Dorothea Nitsch, MD (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in England), and their colleagues conducted a study to see what sort of effect being overweight or obese might have on kidney health.
ISLAMABAD -- As expected, young children who are overweight consume more calories each day than do their thinner peers, a new study says.
The epidemic nature of overweight and obesity has been extensively reported and acknowledged.
One quarter of Australian children aged 5-17 years are now overweight or obese (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2009) and even higher prevalence rates are found among children in the United Kingdom and the United States (Sassi 2010).
A survey of statistics in 177 countries shows 38% of those 15 years or older are overweight.