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Synonyms for overtone

Synonyms for overtone

(usually plural) an ulterior implicit meaning or quality

a harmonic with a frequency that is a multiple of the fundamental frequency

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I gathered up a lot of my teenage experiences for Overtones, mostly through my days of partying," says Jack.
The team suggests that somewhere in the hearing system, two or more incoming overtones of different frequencies stimulate a specialized bundle of nerve cells called an oscillator, similar to structures found elsewhere in the brain.
And tonight Ireland will get its first taste of The Overtones sound as they perform on The Late Late Show.
Although critics captured part of the suggested overtones of this building - Constructivist artichoke, fish, mermaid and boat - it is the capacity to mean many more things that makes the enigmatic signifier a multivalent symbol.
They divided the birds into two groups and played them either 16 normal song sparrow tunes or the same songs with harmonic overtones, Nowicki and Susan Peters, also at Duke, report in an article accepted for publication in Ethology.
If asked to pick the one defining moment of The Overtones to date, it's fair to assume that all five members would choose the Diamond Jubilee celebration which they performed at after a personal invitation from Gary Barlow.
This lightness speaks of self-confidence, but there are overtones of doubt as well: faith in the power of the minimal and a hesitance about altering the existing thing or situation too dramatically.
This is a quirky psychological thriller with decidedly powerful erotic overtones.
Though it does not have the sensuous impact of Imre Makovecz's memorable Hungarian pavilion at Seville (AR June 1992 -- sadly Makovecz seems to have resorted to self-parody in much of his recent work), Gyorgy Vadasz's compact, sculptural building has detectable overtones of Makovecz's romantic anthropomorphism.
This allows the plates to resonate together, producing good overtones.
The sound patterns and overtones captivated me and inspired me to do this project.
In front of a very simple backdrop of a red ruched curtain with the band's name in lights, the spotlights beamed down, one by one, on the five Overtones, Lachie, Mike, Mark, Timmy and Darren.
But the movie, however it turns out, can't help but have political overtones.
Overtones of the church could be detected, but the somber music always fell just short of the ecclesiastical.