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Are over-the-counter drugs purchased prior to 2011 still eligible?
The advocates also called for more staff and resources to review over-the-counter drugs, as FDA currently has only 20 or so staff to monitor the market, which represents almost $32 billion in sales each year.
Wilder said parents often don't understand the unwitting role they play in their kids' under-the-radar use of over-the-counter drugs.
Schering-Plough, suddenly less concerned about the "major health risks" it had cited earlier, asked the FDA tO make Claritin an over-the-counter drug.
The Foundation has called for a ``traffic light system'' to be made mandatory on all over-the-counter drugs, so that consumers know at a glance which ones pose a driving hazard.
You can liken it to side effects of a prescription drug--you don't know how it's going to interact with the over-the-counter drugs you're taking" Colborn says.
For free samples of your favorite over-the-counter drugs visit www.
In contrast, over-the-counter drugs can be sold at any type of commercial site.
Although it is not meant to substitute for a physician's advice, it does provide a wide range of information on over-the-counter drugs and their uses.
Because aspirin is an ingredient in many over-the-counter drugs, you may wish to purchase a pain reliever or other preparation that does not contain aspirin.
over-the-counter drugs, have volunteered to provide similar sulfite warnings on their products (SN: 12/21&28/85, p.
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