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Synonyms for outlander

a person coming from another country or into a new community

Synonyms for outlander

a person who comes from a foreign country

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The Outlander is the UK's best-selling PHEV by far and it is easy to see why.
What has made the Outlander so popular is its hybrid drive system.
Priced from PS23,699 for a two-wheel drive manual to PS33,990 for an automatic all-wheel-drive, the new Outlander is PS2,000 more than its predecessor launched back in 2007 but around 15% more economical.
2-litre diesel engine which when mated to a six speed manual gearbox on the entry level Outlander is rated at 53.
Not only is the Outlander as happy on the road as it is off, it also benefits from being a nice-looking machine too.
That sleek snout also helps the Outlander slip through the air, easily cutting down on drag and aiding fuel economy.
Some of the features of Outlander Chrome limited edition are large rear spoiler improves the aerodynamics of the Outlander and enhances its sporty looks.
That could in part be because the Outlander borrows some of its driving dynamics from the legendary Evolution VIII high performance saloon.
And despite having high ground clearance the Outlander keeps a low centre of gravity which stops it leaning over on tight bends.
The first of a new generation of Mitsubishi models, the Outlander sits on a derivative of the same platform that will underpin the next Lancer.
Mitsubishi say that this new Outlander is still an all terrain vehicle though and it does have four-wheel-drive, good ground clearance and slight approach and departure angles.
And the Outlander certainly demonstrates their determination to make an immediate visual impact.
Mitsubishi insist that the Outlander will herald a new direction in terms of style cues.
The Outlander has MacPherson struts at the front and a multi-link arrangement at the rear.
Unlike many 4x4s, which have a choice of petrol or diesel engines, the Outlander has only a single engine option: a 2.