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Innie and Outie forms of Tantra also evolved in the West.
A recent Burger King commercial included the line, "I will eat this meat until my innie turns into an outie.
The outie is where the bullet may come out after going though the target.
Die meeste verhale in die bundel begin met die stelling van 'n lewenswaarheid wat in die loop daarvan bevestig, ondermyn of gewysig word, of gee 'n verduideliking van die wyse waarop die hoofkarakter(s)--waaronder Outie Doudruppeltjie, Tewie Mar-'nbietjie, Klaas Basies, Makka Retief, Nieklaas Koppie, Sprinkaan O'erholster, Trydie Middeltoon, Duiker Engelbrecht en Okso de Lange--aan hul byname gekom het.
Bottom left, Monads, 8" diameter; above, Outie, 5" diameter; Right, Feedyou, 26" diameter.
Sophie Vandebroek recognized at The Outie Awards for fostering workplace equality
I have such a phobia with belly buttons, and I know when you're really pregnant your innie becomes an outie," (http://www.
One might be a little bigger than the other or, as in your case, one nipple can be an innie while the other is an outie.
Next month, on October 8, individuals and organizations nominated for Out & Equal's Outie Awards will find out who will take the cake as beacons of leadership in the promotion of workplace equality for LGBT employees.