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an insignificant place

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It's not that Crescenta Valley senior pitcher Sarah Sherman came out of nowhere to record four wins and be recognized as the Most Valuable Player of the third annual Daily News Victory Spring Classic softball tournament on Saturday at Hjelte Sports Center in Encino.
Bell sounds coming out of nowhere, huge tones from the saxophone, crisp drums, subtle guitars, a glorious aural kaleidescope--but not always a glorious musical experience.
American Idol,'' derived from the British hit series ``Pop Star,'' came almost out of nowhere June 11 - a bid to retain a summer audience that has no appetite for series reruns.
But out of nowhere comes a hard-charging outfielder to make a diving, across-the-body catch to save the day, end the inning and give his team a chance to win the game with a three-run home run in the top of the seventh.