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the Turkish dynasty that ruled the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century to its dissolution after World War I


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Although, after collapse of Ottoman dynasty, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was the first country which recognized Turkey's independence, by onset of World War II and bipolarity of international system, Ankara joined the western bloc during Cold War and became a member of NATO.
As the current and best way of defining multiple cardiovascular risk factors clustering in an individual or a population is to determine presence of metabolic syndrome, we aimed to document how prevalent was metabolic syndrome among Ottoman dynasty.
Taken from the Roman edition of Antonio Blado, the text covers the history of the Ottoman dynasty from its origins under Osman to the most recent exploits of Suleyman the Magnificent, followed by thoughtful observations on the current state of Turkish military, political, and bureaucratic organization.
He describes at length how he was brought up and how other members of the Ottoman dynasty fared under the Law of Fratricide and how later heirs to the throne were confined to the cage and were cut off from the outside world.
Yet the city once known as Prusa contains some of the oldest Ottoman buildings to be found anywhere and the tomb of Sultan Osman, founder of the Ottoman dynasty.
There was never felt to be any need to try and assimilate Ottoman Turkish after it was removed from the Turkish educational curriculum because when the Ottoman dynasty and Ottoman bureaucracy disappeared into the folds of history, the language of the Ottomans became viewed as an "unknown language.
World War I ended four imperial regimes: the Prussian Hohenzollern dynasty, the Russian Romanov dynasty, the Ottoman dynasty and the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg dynasty.
Ertugrul Osman, who has died aged 97, was, the man who would have been the 45th head of the continent-spanning Ottoman dynasty, founded by Osman I in 1299, had events been otherwise.
Ertugrul Osman, the eldest member of the former Ottoman dynasty and the last born in Yildiz Palace, had died in Istanbul two days ago, and he was laid to rest yesterday after the funeral prayer in Sultanahmet Mosque.
After the incident, I thought that if a member of the Ottoman dynasty is harassed in this way, the people of the country may consider the ongoing issues in a different light.
These include the original manuscripts of journals that were printed in 1860 as well as maps from the private collection of Prince Youssef Kamal, a descendant of Mohamed Ali of the Ottoman dynasty.
Gleaming steel towers that signify Istanbul's new economic power rise in the distance, rivaling more familiar views of old mosques and palaces, home to the former Ottoman dynasty.
He put an end to the antiquated Ottoman dynasty whose tale had lasted more than six centuries - and created the Republic of Turkey in 1923, establishing a new government truly representative of the nation's will.
In fact, their services and loyalty to the Ottoman dynasty have been rewarded with the title of "The Loyal People.
Centuries later, trying to find the origins of the Ottoman dynasty, some of the Ottoman historians declared Suleiman Shah the grandfather of Sultan Osman I, who gave his name to the Ottoman Empire and dynasty.