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French pope from 1088 to 1099 whose sermons called for the First Crusade (1042-1099)

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So, I pulled out my secret weapon--my gun buddy, Otho.
Aside from their suicides, there are other similarities between Nero, the last of the Julio-Claudians, and Otho, who had toppled his predecessor Galba in a bloody coup d'etat.
Por ejemplo la "tia Lavinia", quien desde pequena ignoro toda insinuacion masculina; Sara, quien es victima de un matrimonio desapasionado y de un marido quien la odia por su oscuro tono de piel; la misteriosa historia de "Raul", el hermano de "Hector el jardinero", quien es golpeado por su padre y objeto de burla de los ninos del pueblo, ya que no encaja en los esquemas de genero del sistema patriarcal, de alli que sea desaparecido por su madre para alejarlo de la violencia del padre; tambien "Mala", quien de cierta forma se siente culpable por el abandono de la madre y acepta ser objeto de pertenencia del padre; asi mismo Otho, una chica que termina convirtiendose "magicamente" en un chico; y finalmente Tyler, el narrador, quien se siente libre al colocarse un vestido de enfermera.
Speaking to reporters at the Dastarbandi ceremony of Sardar Ameer Otho, who was declared the chieftain of Otho tribe after the death of his father, he said the PPP always trusted people who voted it into power.
Originally 110 folios, the larger part of the manuscript (Cotton Otho C.
The president of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Otho R.
My brother Otho, for example, came to Japan to be with me while I was in the hospital recovering from my injuries.
Countertenor Daniel Taylor applied his usual natural sense of sound and line to the castrato role of Otho.
Rome for the next several years was the scene of unending slaughter and civil war, as three more bloodthirsty tyrants--Galba, Otho, and Vitellius--succeeded to the purple by violent overthrow.
Follow the Wind covers the period 1838-58 when, ironically, the long-suffering island had not become part of the small free Greece of inept King Otho but was still a cherished possession of Mahmud and his benign mother.
Otho [her husband] was in good health and he never lost a day for anything in those days.
As Robbie's classicist friend Otto Steinmayer notes in his Foreword, the Roman engineer Gaius Cervesius Otho (no relation) once observed: "Tria quae sunt praecipue observanda in viis construendis sunt colliquitio, porro colliquitio, et denique colliquitio " [The three most important things in road-building are drainage, drainage and drainage.
Lottery president Otho Brown, 54, was the last of the victims to die.
Lottery president and chief executive Otho Brown, 54, joined the security guards in yelling for everyone to ``just get out and run,'' said Shannon O'Neill.
When Otho Peter died in 1607, William as the younger son inherited 100 [pounds sterling] outright, plus poor land in Marldon and Ipplepen having an annual income of just 5 [pounds sterling].