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Synonyms for Orthodox

Synonyms for Orthodox

adhering to beliefs or practices approved by authority or tradition

conforming to established practice or standards

generally approved or agreed upon

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

Synonyms for Orthodox

of or pertaining to or characteristic of Judaism

adhering to what is commonly accepted


of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church

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So he cut down even the orthodox ration and tried to increase the day's travel.
Herdsmen, I say, but they call themselves the believers in the orthodox belief.
But when I speak of "appearances," I do so only for brevity: I do not mean anything that must "appear" to somebody, but only that happening, whatever it may be, which is connected, at the place in question, with a given physical object--according to the old orthodox theory, it would be a transverse vibration in the aether.
The last few decades have witnessed a considerable number of Protestant and Catholic Christians in the United States embracing the Eastern Orthodox faith, a phenomenon that shows no signs of abating in the first years of the 21st century even as a higher proportion of Americans claim no religious affiliation than at any other time in history.
Neofit is casting a prayer for good health and long lives and with a blessing to all Bulgarian Orthodox Christians around the world.
Hypnotic chants and incense filled the Orthodox Church of St George as Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I and Francis marked an important feast day for the Orthodox Church.
Greek Orthodox Church (is a term referring to the body of several Churches within the larger communion of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, whose liturgy is or was traditionally conducted in Koine Greek, the original language of the New Testament.
Orthodox Perspectives on Mission represents the latest piece of this ongoing reflection and development.
The Orthodox Food Pantry is operated by The Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts (CEOC).
celebrations commenced Monday, Christmas Eve for the Orthodox Church, with the
Rabbi Shulem Teitelbaum of Satmar United, representing international Orthodox Jewry, has stated that the Zionist movement has set out to dominate and eradicate religious observance and recast the Jewish people in a new, nationalistic mould.
The Orthodox community in the Holy Land views the Israeli government's plan to draft them as a direct attack on their freedom of religion," said Yirmiyahu Cohen, a spokesman for True Torah Jews.
BEIRUT: Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazigi said Wednesday the church could not sanction the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem's decision to establish a new diocese in Qatar.
Christine Chaillot, a converted Swiss Orthodox belonging to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, is well known as a specialist in Orthodox (both Eastern and Oriental) Churches.
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