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Synonyms for Orthodox

Synonyms for Orthodox

adhering to beliefs or practices approved by authority or tradition

conforming to established practice or standards

generally approved or agreed upon

strongly favoring retention of the existing order

one who strongly favors retention of the existing order

Synonyms for Orthodox

of or pertaining to or characteristic of Judaism

adhering to what is commonly accepted


of or relating to or characteristic of the Eastern Orthodox Church

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Orthodox Christians follow the Julian calendar that dates back to 46 B.
The Syrian Orthodox procession will be followed by the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop Anba Antonius, then the Greek Orthodox and finally the procession of the Ethiopian Orthodox.
Missiological survey of the Orthodox Church in Africa
However, the move is unlikely to be welcomed by other Orthodox Churches such as those of Serbia and Greece, in a region where religious identity is often closely tied up with nationalist passions and politics.
Bearing in mind that the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) recognizes the Bulgarian Orthodox Church-Bulgarian Patriarchy (BOC) as its Mother Church, the Holy Synod of BOC decided with a sense of its holy duty to accept the responsibility to demonstrate full agreement by mediating and arguing in favor before the other Orthodox Churches, doing whatever is necessary to establish the canonical status of MOC," says the decision of the Holy Synod of BOC in response to the letter they received from MOC on 9 November.
The Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church, convened in Crete from 20 to 26 June 2016, was the culmination of a century of preparation.
Orthodox Judaism in America provides ample testimony to the truth of this last observation.
Ex-Soviet Georgia is overwhelmingly Orthodox Christian and less than 1 percent of the population is Catholic, according to government figures.
Orthodox leaders have concluded a historic council pledging dialogue with other churches, while also reaffirming that they will not compromise when it comes to Orthodox teachings.
Turning to Tradition: Converts and the Making of an American Orthodox Church.
POPE FRANCIS appealed for unity between the Catholic and Orthodox churches yesterday as he wrapped up his visit to Turkey with a liturgy alongside the spiritual leader of the world's Orthodox Christians and a meeting with young refugees from Syria and Iraq.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Pope Francis after his mass celebration Pope Francis visited Greek Orthodox Church where he was welcomed by Patriarch Bartholomew.
The missionary tradition and missionary theology of the Orthodox Church, unknown in Western circles fifty years ago because of historical circumstances and a lack of scholarly study in the field, have been better represented in ecumenical circles from the 1960s onward.
Spyridon Greek Cathedral in Worcester, Barbara Houle wrote how some of the festival proceeds are earmarked for the Orthodox Food Pantry.
At a June 2010 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, religious scholars and social scientists explored perceptions and depictions of the West in the Eastern Orthodox world.
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