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planetarium consisting of an apparatus that illustrates the relative positions and motions of bodies in the solar system by rotation and revolution of balls moved by wheelwork

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The Dinner Lady, by Jeanette Orrey, is published by Bantam Press, priced pounds 16.
Giant's Causeway in the St James's Palace Stakes, Rossini in the Cork and Orrey and Amethyst in the Coronation Stakes could be his best prospects.
3 Orrey, Leslie Opera, A Concise History, Thames & Hudson, London, 1991, p9.
Leslie Orrey, "Solo Song (a) Germany," The New Oxford History of Music, vol.
Jeanette Orrey, the dinner lady who inspired chef Jamie Oliver's campaign on school meals, said: "Too many are being left behind.
And to present awards to school representatives and organisers, the Food for Life Partnership invited school meals expert Jeanette Orrey to Huddersfield Town Hall.
The Birmingham School Feast Centre, at Bournville College, has been opened by TV cook Prue Leith and Jeanette Orrey, the pioneering dinner lady behind Jamie Oliver's drive for healthier food.
Famous dinner lady Jeanette Orrey advises the Partnership.
Jeanette Orrey, campaigning school cook and advisor to the Soil Association will co-present the awards.
If you ever need some company over a pint on a Saturday afternoon, turn to Mike Chapple's column and you will be royally entertained Winners in other categories included Gordon Ramsay (Food & Drink Personality); Jamie Oliver and Jeanette Orrey (Independent Spirit Award for Jamie's School Dinners and Feed Me Better Campaign) and star of the Channel Four programme Beyond River Cottage Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (Glenfiddich Trophy).
Chronister said the coaching staff shuffled the starting lineup the past two weeks and has come up with a strong offensive/defensive line in Brady Baeur, Sergio Dominguez, Orrey Chester and Justin Todd.
The fact that Amanda Perrett's gelding has not run for 301 days does not look an issue since he runs well when fresh, and the trainer showed only recently with Tillerman-an excellent fourth in the Cork and Orrey on his reappearance-that her horses do not necessarily need a sharpener to do themselves justice in big races.
Telephonist Cynthia Orrey was at the desk she has occupied for 21 years, smart in her black, white and brown blouse, answering incoming calls and personal visitors with her usual politeness.
Jeanette Orrey, a former dinner lady and a leading adviser on healthier foods in school, will be giving a presentation at the conference which is aimed at anyone interested in providing more locally-produced food.