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a city on the Loire river in north central France

a long siege of Orleans by the English was relieved by Joan of Arc in 1429

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Prasadarao); and La Source Hospital, Orleans, France (L.
Lead researcher Bruno Scaillet of the Institute of Earth Sciences in Orleans, France, said it was crucial to identify the composition of the magma lurking at the top of the chamber.
A rare picture of an osprey dive-bombing a conservation worker in the Forest of Orleans, France Picture: GILLES PERRODIN
Hammer was born in Orleans, France, but was educated in California and showed an early interest in politics, winning election to the Campbell, Calif.
The cardinal was spared, however, because a Catholic family in Orleans, France, sheltered him and his sister during the war.
The film's first half follows an annual pageant in Orleans, France, where a young woman is picked to incarnate Joan of Arc.
Contribution of the regions to Europe's actions in the world: a seminar to be staged on October 6 in Orleans, France, by the Conseil Regional du Centre with round tables on trade, development policy, humanitarian aid and culture.
In January, Laguedani, 22, was imprisoned for stabbing the 56-year-old Cardiff man in Orleans, France, in April 2002.
The 2003 conference was held in Orleans, France, but because of the unique nature of the fuchsia collection at Margam Park, delegates opted to come to Neath Port Talbot this year.
Calatrava, who is known for such work as the Bridge of Europe in Orleans, France and the Athens Olympic sports stadium, is expected to partner with DMJM + Harris and STV Group to design the terminal.
The Norwegian agricultural and viticultural implements producer and distributor Kverneland ASA said today (30 September) that it had entered into a sales and leaseback agreement on a combined office and warehouse property in Orleans, France.
This symposium will be held July 9-13, 2001 at the University of Orleans, in Orleans, France.
CILAS (Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers), a member of the Aerospatiale-Matra Group, with headquarters in Orleans, France, has formed CILAS U.
Now, scientists at the Center for HighTemperature Physics Research, Orleans, France, have found a way to describe how atoms behave when subjected to temperatures up to 2000 C (3630 F).
The largest eruptions on the planet have been rhyolitic," said study co-author Jonathan Castro of the Institut des Sciences de la Terre in Orleans, France.