Orinoco River

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a South American river 1,500 miles long

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Rock engravings obtained from the Orinoco River have been studied before, but never with this level of detail.
The Casiquiare river acts as a corridor between the Amazonas and Orinoco river basins: biogeographic analysis of the genus Cichla.
In addition, the intrinsic value of the species, as it holds great social and economic importance in food security for the coastal population of the Arauca, Meta, Guaviare and Orinoco Rivers, and given its high price in the market it is part of a value chain that goes from the fisherman to the major consumer centers.
There are five species of importance in the Orinoco River Basin: the Motoro Ray (Potamoftygon motoro), the Common/Tiger Ray (Potamoftygon orbignyi), the Macaw Ray (Potamoftygon schroederi), the Manta River Ray (Pamtiygon aiereba) and the Diamond Ray (Potamoftygon scobina) (Lasso et al.
The two nations share the Gulf of Paria, which has significant oil deposits; and Venezuela's great Orinoco River, which drains deep into northern South America, exits in front of Trinidad.
Venezuela: Argentina s oil firm YPF, recently put in state control, has become the latest to get a stake in exploiting Venezuela s oil-rich Orinoco river basin region area, under a deal announced Tuesday.
raeemosa, however, had been confined to the estuaries of the drainage basins of the Atlantic in Venezuela, including the Orinoco River Delta, the San Juan River and the coastal mud plains of the Gulf of Paria (Breteler, 1969; MARNR, 1986; Medina and Francisco, 1997; Vegas-Vilarrubia and Lopez, 2008).
The pink dolphin, or boto, is found in the fresh waters of the Amazon, Araguaia/Tocantins, and Orinoco river systems.
Biology, status and conservation of Inia geoffrensis in the Amazon and Orinoco river Basins.
The foreign ministry said in a statement that Turkey will receive fuel and that the countries will cooperate in oil projects, including planned Turkish investment in Venezuela's crude-rich Orinoco River basin.
Having overreached through an unauthorized marriage to one of Elizabeth's maids in 1591, Ralegh found himself exiled from court and out of favor, a situation he sought to remedy by a bold expedition to "Guiana" along South America's Orinoco River.
The upgraders convert tar-like crude from fields adjoining the northern edge of the Orinoco River into exportable oil.
For years experts believed that it was too expensive to extract and refine the heavy and extra-heavy oil in the Orinoco Belt, a 55,314 square mile region around the Orinoco River.
Tokyo, May 13, 2010 - (ACN Newswire) - Mitsubishi Corporation has entered into Joint Venture Agreement on 12th May on development of Orinoco extra-heavy crude oil produced in the Carabobo blocks situated along Orinoco River in Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.