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Synonyms for originality

Synonyms for originality

Antonyms for originality

the ability to think and act independently

the quality of being new and original (not derived from something else)

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However the concept of mima, which is currently taking shape, is unique and does not owe anything material to Mr Brady's original idea, welcome and interesting though his plans were.
From an original idea by writer/psychoanalyst Gerard Wajcman, an intimate view of 15 private collections, relocating rooms in collectors' homes reflecting the intimate relation between collectors and acquisitions.
What is less publicized is that Kirstein apparently journeyed to Europe with the original idea not of hiring the comparatively little-known Balanchine, but seeking the far-better-established 37-year-old Leonide Massine.
This is not my original idea but has been discussed in other forums.
A: The original idea of Wired had nothing to do with The tech bubble, and as the pain of the bubble's collapse fades, this idea will be recovered as Wired's most interesting legacy.
When Albarella moved to HarperCollins, the group gave the original idea another shot.
The original idea of the Welfare State was to help the poorest in society pay for essentials.
The bridge from an original idea to a workable concept typically involves several steps.
What I'm doing is flipping back to Rudolf Diesel's original idea," Carven says.
As Walter Pagehot said of Malthus, "No man who once had an original idea ever gets rid of it.
Commenting on how Sam Walton, founder of the Wal-Mart retail chain, became one of the richest men in the world, Fridson reveals that the secret to his success didn't lie in having an original idea but rather in the ability to copy.
Hay's text generously renders scenes from various plays, and usefully catalogs Bullins's considerable oeuvre thematically and chronologically, at the beginning and at the end of the book, but this arrangement erases a deeper critical discussion of the Twentieth-Century Cycle, Bullins's original idea of a broad range of plays designed to depict the many facets of black experience.
The original idea was to do more of the reaction to the affair.
Although many of its critics dismissed the "International" as nothing more than an exercise in dressing up business-as-usual with the stale rhetoric of some sort of "nouveau internationalisme," what their accounts did not address is that today, business-as-usual is nothing like it was yesterday, but a practice pushed to such extremes--because there is so little to lose--that it might generate an original idea, or be the source of a more balanced relationship between esthetics and entrepreneurship.
The original idea was Gerry's, who works in real estate in Sault Ste.