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Synonyms for Orientalism

the scholarly knowledge of Asian cultures and languages and people

the quality or customs or mannerisms characteristic of Asian civilizations

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Rather, the photographs are more suggestive of a certain playfulness between camera, costume, photographer, and photographed--the still-prevalent ethnographic Orientalism of the pictures notwithstanding.
In his view of orientalism as a "description" that stems from a "long process of worldwide cultural exchange" (p.
In studying orientalism, Arab nations were originally thought to be the victims of the West.
App starts his book by comparing it with Edward Said's Orientalism (1997), emphasizing how his approach and scope of research is different from Said's groundbreaking contribution.
In the same chapter "On Orientalism," Phillips discusses how, contrary to the British explorers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, "[m]edieval travelers and pseudo-travelers rarely lumped diverse oriental cultures together or resorted to overarching caricatures" (22).
As for scholarly agnosticism and all readers feeling included, it is as if he had no idea that Orientalism had specialized in excluding countless generations of readers from its discourse, and leaving plenty feeling violated as well.
2 Guegan does concede that Said's writings were valuable insofar as they reminded us that Orientalism "cannot be approached with an innocent eye, lazily or carelessly forgetting the geopolitical conditions and anthropological conditioning in which writers and artists operated" (22).
Chapters three and four focus on the historical evolution of Orientalism, from the time of ancient Greece to the beginning of modern Orientalism.
For this second generation, Warren insists, multiple ironies, a virtual hall of mirrored ironies, mark their poetic, imagined "Orient" in ways that presage Edward Said's analysis of the Orientalism of Western writers as itself a phantasmatic, over-decorated fiction.
To address the association between Orientalism and Congolese URMs resettled in the Global North, this paper will consist of three distinct sections.
Churchill and the Islamic World: Orientalism, Empire and Diplomacy in the Middle East
This rediscovery of a major figure of Orientalism, Jean-Joseph Benjamin-Constant (1845-1902), was an opportunity for the Museum's first venture into Orientalism.
In his experimental combination of poetic forms, Japanese American writer David Mura illuminates the obstacles of racism and orientalism in America as he depicts struggles of multiracial identity.
He then recommended that the French government immediately equip various institutions of knowledge gathering about the Middle East, such as the Institut d'Egypte with the new technology to further the project of Orientalism.
Additionally, Said wrote that orientalism was a "significantly male-oriented world view" and that "in general has had sexist blinders rendering Oriental women objects of a male power-fantasy".