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a halocarbon in which some hydrogen atoms have been replaced by fluorine

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A large number of world-leading research scientists in academia in the various fields of organofluorine chemistry have retired in the recent past and, consequently, if training of ESRs and support of youthful research groups is not continued, the EU will lose very competitive, highly valuable, high technology, research expertise that contributes significantly to all chemical, life science and materials sectors.
of Waterloo, Canada) gather together 31 of 55 presentations from three 2005 conferences on organofluorine chemistry sponsored by various divisions of the American Chemical Society.
The paper, "Catalysis for fluorination and trifluoromethylation," was published in the May 26, 2011 issue of the journal Nature and includes a discussion of the fundamental challenges of organofluorine chemistry and new bond-forming reactions designed to incorporate fluorine into organic molecules that are not readily synthesized using traditional fluorination chemistry.