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of or relating to an organization

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Workforce decision support solutions provider HumanConcepts has introduced a new platform for HR data visualisation and analytics and for managing organisational change, the company said today.
The HumanConcepts Organisational Planning Suite is designed to provide comprehensive organisational insight and the tools for implementing change decisions.
1997)," Perceived organisational support, discretionary treatment and job satisfaction", Journal of Applied Psychology, 82(3), 812-820.
Before founding Material Assistance 10 years ago, Griffiths worked in communication, human resources and organisational development with the Star, South Africa's leading daily newspaper, and edited various consumer and financial journals within the Barlow Rand Group.
the identification of values that stakeholders will deem positive and the successful communication of those values to the stakeholder groups (by managing the organisational image)
Applied organisational communication was identified as one of the primary tools in the extensive development process currently under way a process encompassing a total rethink on job levels, skills development, rewards packages and the way the organisation will position itself to meet future prospects.
Business communicators, while au fait with the vital part they must play in organisational change, may not have fully grasped the subtleties with which companies are tackling the process.
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