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German musician who developed a widely used system for teaching music to children (1895-1982)


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Orff returned to Greek in three later works: Prometheus, Comoedia de Christi resurrectione, and De temporum fine comoedia.
18) claim that because music and language share essential qualities of rhythm, pitch, timbre and dynamics, then methods for teaching them, such as the Orff --Schulwerk approach, could be effective.
Si bien una obra puede inmortalizar a un autor, que duda cabe que Orff ha pasado sobradamente la linea del tiempo con esta partitura festiva y pictorica de color.
Originally released during the 1995 Orff Centennial Year, O, Fortuna
There was no mention of the Orff Schulwerk approach in Melbourne in 1956 (Werden, 1957; Southcott, 2009).
We adapt a set of essential questions developed by the American Orff educator Jay Broeker and described by Jane Frazee (2006).
Carmina Burana cannot be compared to the Missa Solemnis or the Mass in B Minor, nor did Orff intend it to be anything like those great sacred masterpieces.
Through her unique combination of gifts in music and movement, Keetman played a defining role in bringing the Orff approach to music education to fruition.
Orff - O Fortuna From Carmina Burana (Kurt Eichhorn)
En este sentido, el presente estudio aporta una experiencia acerca de la efectividad del conjunto instrumental Orff como una herramienta capaz de incentivar un cambio en la actitud y en la implicacion de los estudiantes de ESO hacia la materia, haciendo de la expresion musical un instrumento mas cercano a sus intereses personales.
Er hat in seinem Buch wichtige Beitrage der letzten Jahrzehnte von Carl Orff, von Michel Hofmann, vom Sprachwissen--schaftler Werner Thomas, vom Altphilologen Wolfgang Schadewaldt und vom ehemaligen Generalintendanten der Deutschen Oper Berlin Gustav Rudolf Sellner und anderen zusammengestellt, in denen die Carmina Burana--Weltliche Gesange fur Soli und Chor mit Begleitung von Instrumenten und mit Bildern untersucht werden.
Soaring strings are married to a medley of hook-laden riffs and passionate vocals, sounding somewhere between symphonic genius Karl Orff and Fallout Boy.
Anyway, the Orff work is just the most-familiar item on the disc; the album also contains a small-scale chamber piece, Arthur Bird's Serenade for Wind Instruments (1898), which is quite charming, if forgettable; and Herbert Owen Reed's La Fiesta Mexicana (1954), a wonderfully varied and robust piece of music that has a little something in it for everybody, including a striking opening movement with trumpets and simulated fireworks.
For those who may not be familiar with the work of German composer Carl Orff, you'll know the opening chorus as the music from the dramatic Old Spice advert.
Dot showing orff her veins, which are many and varicose?