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About $320 million of the $550 million package would have been repealed if Measure 101 had been voted down, triggering a rush to find alternative funds or risk pushing low- income Oregonians off the Medicaid rolls.
1, Oregonians can sign up for, renew, or change their health insurance plans at HealthCare.
Recycling by Oregonians continues to conserve resources, save energy, and reduce pollution such as greenhouse gas emissions," David Allaway, a senior policy analyst in DEQ's Materials Management Program, said in a statement.
While Oregonians is happy with the acquired network, Launius said the credit union was spending a bit too much for some shared branching transactions.
In all, 401 terminally ill Oregonians have died this way since 1997, when Oregon made the practice legal.
95 million tons, or 2,800 pounds per Oregonian per year.
No stranger to criticizing the Oregonian--in 1992, after the Packwood debacle, Seifert printed the now-infamous "If it matters to Oregonians, it's in the Washington Post" bumper stickers--Seifert says, "I frankly think any metropolitan newspaper worth its salt needs to infiltrate that class and expose it.
Anative son, I ran for governor in the '80s after seeing far too much pain and discouragement among fellow Oregonians who'd been blindsided by recession.
William Hilliard, who could not deliver The Oregonian because he was black, became the paper's editor and President of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.
Another native Oregonian based once more on home ground, Hampton, in turn, performed in Bielemeier's "Drop Waltz" last June.
The dark result: Oregonians assign to Californians a variety of unflattering personality traits that seem derived from TV sitcom caricatures: shallow, ruthless, competitive.
So far, Oregonians in Action has filed no legal challenges in the light-rail case, choosing instead to wage a publicity campaign against the onerous regulations.
A growing Oregon industry employs 40,000 workers at generally high-wage jobs, but most Oregonians cannot name it.
PathwayOregon helps cover tuition and fees for lower income Oregonians starting as freshmen next fall
The only reason that Oregonians even know there is a move afoot to shrink the monument is that a draft report from Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was leaked in September to several news outlets, including The (Portland) Oregonian.