Oregon pine

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lofty douglas fir of northwestern North America having short needles and egg-shaped cones

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To keep things interesting, Douglas-fir has been marketed variously as Oregon pine, bigcone spruce, blue spruce, yellow fir, and red fir.
2600 m2 suspended ceiling in the bath halls with curved shape wooden slats - Softwood eg Oregon Pine with a substructure made of wood in B2 quality.
The veil-like facade is of round Oregon pine sections suspended on stainless-steel cables to which the poles are fixed by specially made clips.
Other names for this famous West Coast tree include: Douglas spruce, fir, yellow fir, red pine, red spruce, red fir, oregon pine, and Douglastree.
Boards made of Formica grid of 123 cm high x 300 cm long, with pencil tray made of Oregon pine and vitrified
Over the north side of the plinth is the Leighton Hall, a dramatic double-height galleried space in which a folded roof (a la Festival of Britain) is supported on slender laminated Oregon pine columns that have profound entasis following the bending stresses between stainless-steel pin joints at top and bottom.
dining set with 6 upholstered chairs, oregon pine medera national, sized, glossy lacquer burgundy tapestry.
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