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a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined

a monetary subunit in Denmark and Norway and Sweden

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Raw material base of AMMC are deposits of copper-porphyry Kalmakyr and Sary-Ceku (Tashkent region), lead-zinc-barite ore deposit Uch-Kulach (Jizzakh region) and ore deposit Handiza (Kashkadarya region).
Shahrani said the mines ministry was planning to tender the huge Hajigak iron ore deposit and the oil blocks in the Afghan-Tajik basin in early 2011.
But although Simandou is among the best iron ore deposits in the world, one challenge to exploiting the resource has been the lack of infrastructure to export the iron ore.
Operations at the Berezov iron ore deposit, located 20 kilometers north of the Inner Mongolian border town of Shiwei, are due to begin in 2012, he said.
Kallak South Iron Ore deposit is located south of the Kallak North Iron Ore deposit within the municipality of Jokkmokk in northern Sweden.
According to the country's Minister of Mines, Alpha Khan, the Marampa mines, the third-largest iron ore deposit in the world, "will have a tremendous impact, raising $4.
Shahrani said: As you are aware, an Indian steel consortium has won three of the four resource blocks at Hajigak, considered the largest iron ore deposit in Asia We are expecting to sign, in the shortest term, what will be the largest mining deal in history of Afghanistan.
The capital costs are estimated at about $516 million; - Altyn-Jilga gold ore deposit (reserves and resources - 30-40 tons).
Beowulf Mining Plc (LSE: BEM), a diversified mineral exploration and development company, has completed its diamond drilling programme at the Kallak North iron ore deposit.
6bn concession to develop the Western Cluster Iron Ore Deposit in Liberia.
Sberbank of Russia s subsidiary LLC Sberbank Capital announced that it has acquired 49% of shares in Armenia CJSC Paramount Gold Mining, which owns the license to construct the the Lusadzhur gold ore deposit in Armenia Kotayk Province.
as prospectors continue tracing an ore deposit located 25 kilometres east of the community.
The general geologic environment of volcanic rocks in contact with a large granitic intrusive complex can provide ample opportunity for ore deposit formation.
Workers directing the tele-operated equipment are based 50 metres below the ore deposit.
2) "The size of the ore deposit hasn't really been determined, they had a number in mind and when they reached that number being an open pit they didn't drill any deeper because they had that number in mind to make it profitable.