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from 500 million to 425 million years ago

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The faunas of cornulitids and bryozoans in the Ordovician of Estonia are relatively well studied (Bassler 1911; Opik 1930; Modzalevskaya 1953; Mannil 1959, 1961; Lavrenteva 1990; Goryunova 1992, 1996; Pushkin & Gataulina 1992; Goryunova & Lavrenteva 1993; Vinn 2013).
Our planet's first land animals would emerge in the geological period after the Ordovician, called the Silurian, which started about 420 million years ago.
Maine contains the broadest expanse of the Ganderian composite plate in New England, with several Cambrian-Ordovician terranes occurring as inliers within blanketing Late Ordovician through Early Devonian cover rock sequences.
Exploration program of Saturn at Bannock Creek outlined structural features within the Ordovician Red River formations which create traps for the known source rock.
No studies on the formation and evolutionary mechanisms of the deep paleokarst reservoirs in the Ordovician weathered crust have been reported, which has resulted in a lack of knowledge of this area's changing patterns.
This guide illustrates preserved Ordovician trilobites from the Paleozoic Era found in Southern Ontario, Canada, as well as neighboring Quebec and New York, including the Ordovician Konservat-Lagerstatten of Beecher's Trilobite Bed and the Walcott-Rust Quarry.
The epicontinental Ordovician Baltic Basin was opened to the Iapetus Ocean in its western, and to the Tornquist Ocean in the southern side.
With diplograptines gone after the Ordovician mass extinction, neograptines had a chance to recover in an environment free of competitors.
Additionally, static reservoir pressure readings indicated that the main Ordovician gas reservoir in this area is in the same pressure regime as that encountered at wells AT-1, AT-2, and AT-3.
The Ordovician period is one of the most significant chapters in the Earth's history, encompassing 44 million years of great geologic and climate changes, as well as an explosion of biodiversity.
Although oil shows were encountered in both the upper and lower Ordovician reservoir units, log analysis indicates that no significant oil saturation is present in these reservoirs at this location.
Beginning in the Late Cambrian--Early Ordovician, several terranes located along the northern margin of Gondwana drifted from that margin, and subsequently accreted to other continents (e.
Invertebrate Paleontology Exciting new fossil discoveries in 445-million-year-old (Late Ordovician age) rocks in central and northern Manitoba are the focus of Dave Rudkin's research.
Studies of Ordovician rocks and fossils in Estonia started in the early 19th century and have resulted in one of the most detailed regional timescales in the world with use not just in Estonia but also in several neighbouring areas (Mannil 1966, 1987; Mannil & Meidla 1994 and references therein; Jaanusson 1995).
A Comparison of Two Possible Astroblemes in Southern Michigan: The Ordovician Age Calvin & Reading Cryptoexplosive Structures.
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