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an annuity paid in a series of more or less equal payments at the end of equally spaced periods

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Similar to the payment calculations, the calculations to solve for the number of periods (n) for annuities depends on whether n is calculated in reference to a present value or a future value and whether the annuities are ordinary annuities or annuities due.
2 billion, and individual ordinary annuities commissions rose 23% to $8.
Just Retirement claims that its range of enhanced annuity products deliver significantly superior rates than ordinary annuities and typically give higher annual incomes to those aged 65 and over on a range of about 1,000 medical conditions.
For inflation-adjusted ordinary annuities where the payment is assumed to grow at i% per period, the present value can be computed by adjusting equation pv4 (from Chapter 32) for the growth of payments as follows:
Changes in dividends paid from ordinary annuities were even more pronounced, according to the data.
Agency mutuals make-up approximately 15 percent of the sample and are largest in terms of assets and all output categories except ordinary annuities.