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(anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities

a partition or wall especially in an ovary

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The injuries require adequate layer by layer inspection of the wound to assess the integrity of the orbital septum, levator muscle and levator aponeurosis, conjunctiva, rectus muscle, and the globe.
9ml of filler in the area of the orbital septum and orbitomalar ligament suborbicularis.
With aging, orbital septum becomes thinner and weaker, and extraconal fat may herniate, causing the well-known palpebral bags.
Orbita kemiklerinin periostunun ust ve alt goz kapaklarinin kenarina dogru devami ile olusan orbital septum, orbital yapilarin enfeksiyondan korunmasinda onemli rol oynar.
The anterior orbit is defined as the area between the orbital septum and the equator of the globe.
Fine scissors were introduced to dissect the conjunctiva and orbital septum from the orbicularis oculi muscle.
Orbital cellulitis, an infection of the eye's orbit involving tissues posterior to the orbital septum, is a dangerous infection that requires hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics.