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a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

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Minister of Defence Abdel Al-Fattah Al-Sisi approved on Saturday the extension of Rod El-Farag Highway to the Regional Orbital Road at an additional cost of EGP 1bn.
They were building the North Orbital Road and managed to 'forget' about a company at the heart of the project.
London's orbital road, the M25, dominates the list of worst tailbacks (nine out of the top 10).
Whilst England is being promised HS2 at a cost of PS80bn pounds, HS3 at a cost of PS7bn, Crossrail 2 at a cost of PS15bn, and an inner London Underground orbital road at a cost of PS30bn - Wales continues to be one of only three countries on the whole of the European continent without a single mile of electrified rail line.
It is also (alongside London's Zaha Hadid) the design consultant for the first of the 2022 stadiums, and is overseeing construction of a major orbital road that will take trucks from the port on a route bypassing Doha city centre in a bid to reduce traffic congestion.
re rof oof o CRIMINALS The money spent on ANPR could have fixed 2000 potholes on our cashstrapped RSSs There are 16 Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras on the M8, six on the M77 between Glasgow and Ayrshire and four more on the A726 Glasgow south orbital road.
Overall, the route with the most dramatic decrease in congestion is the northern section of London's orbital road, the M25, between junctions 21 and 31, with a 26% reduction in jams over the 12 months to June 2008 compared with the previous year.
London's already-busy orbital road, the M25, and areas around Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are among the routes most at risk of gridlock by 2041, according to a report for the RAC Foundation.
London's already-busy orbital road, the M25, and areas round Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool are among the routes most at risk of gridlock by 2041.
Much is made of the 10-minute journey between the Stade de France and Roland Garros clusters, where most of the venues will be, but there is frequent mayhem on the connecting orbital road.
Romford (since 1964) is located in the LONDON Borough of Havering, well within the Greater London area and well inside the M25 orbital road.
It will be tested over the next three to five years on either the northern part of London's busy M25 orbital road or the motorway area around Birmingham.
The hotel will be easily reached by both road and air, located just 16 kilometres from Warsaw airport and nearby to a new Warsaw orbital road, which has quick connections to Krakow, Wroclaw and Poznan.
It will be suspended from Saturday and replaced with a revised No 21, which goes around the orbital road but does not come to the estate.