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Synonyms for oratory

Synonyms for oratory

the art of public speaking

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The Oratorians were strong promoters of the natural sciences, and they also stressed the importance of the Portuguese language, grammar, and orthography, which they believe should be studied directly and not via Latin.
Both of these ideas were Oratorian themes important for Port-Royal.
The relationship can be affirmed more positively by inserting Barocci's relationship with the archbishop of Milan and Cardinal Federico Borromeo (1564-163 1) as well as Pope Clement VIII (1535-1605) into the Oratorian ambience.
In discussing a dispute between Father Faber (superior of the London Oratory) and Newman (superior of the Birmingham Oratory) over the process by which Oratorian policies should be re-evaluated, Ker writes:
Thus, in 1968 the Oratorian scholar Louis Bouyer (1913-2004), whose work had been influential at the Council, wrote in his 1968 study Decomposition of Catholicism that under the pretext of "adapting" the Liturgy, the Liturgy had been destroyed:
Oratorian Challen's first With heavy rain hitting the track immediately before the second race, connections of the seven runners scrambled for shelter on the podium in the winner's enclosure.
In a statement released this week by the Oratory, Father Felix Selden, the Apostolic Visitor to the Oratory, said: "In the course of the Apostolic Visitation currently being carried out at the Birmingham Oratory, after consulting with the Fathers, and taking account of Brother Lewis Berry's own views, it has been agreed that Brother Lewis' ongoing formation will best be met in an Oratorian Community that will afford him greater opportunities for a varied programme of pastoral work, as the Church requires of a deacon.
The 17th-century historical-critical dissection of Scripture by the Oratorian Richard Simon, for example, intended to show Calvinists that an authoritative Catholic Church was needed to guide scriptural interpretation, alarmed Catholics also.
Only the Jesuit and Oratorian colleges instilled an antidote to the corporate mentality.
Her argument is no more decisive than that made by other commentators for the Oratorian Baronio (author of the pioneering Annales ecclesiastici and a future cardinal).
In the mid-seventeenth century, the college, or university preparatory school, whether it was Jesuit, Oratorian, or municipal, educated the sons of the elites in boarding schools where Latin was the sole language of communication.
When the Birmingham Oratory heard the news that their Cardinal was to be beatified, Oratorian Father Richard Duffield visited Baddesley Clinton to authenticate that and other Newman relics.
Returned to England at the end of the year as an Oratorian and settled in Edgbaston.
It is disturbing to read the chronology of events you laid out, because they are strikingly reminiscent of the infamous dispersal of the Oratorian Community expelled from Ottawa in July 1988.
Personal possessions include a shell engraved with a scene of the Immaculate Conception, a statuette bust of St Phillip Neri, founder of the Oratorian Order whom Newman studied, a reliquary mount in ornate metal from Newman's desk as well as his pot with used and sharpened quill pens.