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a member of a society founded in Ireland in 1795 to uphold Protestantism and the British sovereign

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It's common sense stuff but I suppose it's the world we live in ORANGEMAN yesterday
Only one cabinet minister during the 1920s and 1930s had not been an Orangeman.
One Orangeman has described the men's shocking display two weeks ago as "dancing on the graves of the dead children".
A most bizarre rebirth has emerged in the shape of Diamond Dan the Orangeman.
Meanwhile, one Portadown Orangeman said the situation in the Republic contrasted dramatically with that of Drumcree.
Ulster's top Orangeman wants to meet Catholic residents opposed to their marches.
The Rev William Bingham, the Orange Order's county chaplain for Armagh, said any Orangeman with any sense of decency could only feel sympathy for the family of the three boys killed the arson attack.
SECRETARY of State Peter Hain was left humiliated last night after a High Court judge quashed his appointment of a leading Orangeman to the Parades Commission.
Within two weeks of his arrival he has managed to antagonise nearly everybody," said one Orangeman.
One Belfast Orangeman revealed: "We all got phone calls at home on Saturday.
AN Orangeman quit the Parades Commission yesterday in a fierce row over job references.
One senior Portadown Orangeman said yesterday: "By allowing local Lodges or Districts this degree of autonomy to thrash out agreements on local parades without reference to Grand Lodge is simply an attempt by them to pass the buck.
Orangeman the Rev Bill Hoey said: "The powers that be made it clear to us that any other decision other than to re- route would have meant civil war.
FESTIVE: Orangeman with tree at 1998 Portadown stand-off
We will resist any attempt to reach an agreement with the residents which does not guarantee future parades on the Garvaghy Road,'' said one Orangeman.