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Artefacts from 19th century Orangeism, the Home Rule period and both world wars are among those on display in the attraction.
Philip Currie, "Toronto Orangeism and the Irish Question," Ontario History 87 (1995): 397-409; Daniel Jackson, Popular Opposition to Irish Home Rule in Edwardian Britain (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2009); and William Jenkins, "Views from 'the Hub of the Empire': Loyal Orange Lodges in Early Twentieth-Century Toronto," in The Orange Order in Canada, ed.
The value of these two books is that they contest the accuracy of such images, replacing their crude caricatures with a meticulous and nuanced study of Orangeism and Unionism, two key elements in the Ulster Protestant psyche.
Just as Orangeism had come to embody the alliance of unionism with Ulster evangelicalism, so Presbyterianism had followed the same path of 'spiritually anointing' the cause of unionism" (225).
It could even be argued that the public support afforded to Ulster Scots, and Orangeism, is merely part of a process of political triangulation between the two communities, or divorce and cohabitation within a single territory meaning different things to different people.
A product of native revulsion at a tidal wave of 19thcentury Irish immigration, Orangeism has stood the test of time in Liverpool while in other major British cities it has all but disappeared.
Orangeism is here to stay, Orangeism will always be in Glasgow.
Examining a wide variety of Orange sites in Scottish society, ranging from the processional tradition to Glasgow Rangers, Bradley concludes that Orangeism in Scotland is primarily centered on fundamentally Scottish issues (thus serving as a nice example of the hybrid complexity of national identity in the British Isles).
But we have learned that high on the agenda will be the growing demand from many Orangemen for a quickie `divorce' between Orangeism and the UUP.
On the contrary, they were exacerbated on one side of the divide by emergent Orangeism and on the other by Defenderism.
Following last year's outbreak of violence and the deepening feeling of impasse, the Orange Order leader spoke out against the enemies of Orangeism.
He added: "The Ulster Unionist Party's links with Orangeism date back since the inception of the party and I think it would send out the wrong signal at this stage for him to reduce the Order's voice.
We don't care about your Orangeism or your Fenianism because you're on the wrong side of the Irish Sea for that kind of sickness.
Smyth, "Transferred Loyalties: Orangeism in the United States and Ontario," The American Review of Canadian Studies, 14 (1984), 193-211.
26) Quotations from an early oath of membership, cited in Hereward Senior, Orangeism in Ireland and Britain, 1795-1836 (London: Routledge, 1966) p.