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apparatus for observation and measurement of optical phenomena

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By sale joint venture framework agreement based on the purchase optical table (legs) and optical tables "a" and "b" building each lab premises of the eli laser research center implementation (eli-alps), a major project within the framework of the second phase (p4) in four parts.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Optical Table with Passive Vibration Isolation.
The laser system will be installed on an optical table.
In addition, a compact system as possible is necessary due to space constraints in the laboratory and the limited space, so that the existing optical table is available at least half for examinations conducted by the laser radiation scientific experiments.
The contract is for the supply stations for optical characterization, composed of - Vacuum spectrophotometer FT-IR- Low-vibration cryostat for optical measurement of Cryo-free- The assembly table with chairs to work in a lab with high purity class- Optical table with active vibration isolation system with a set of insulators and compressor- Install IQ / OQ / PQ and trainingTechnical details and quantities are described in Annexes No.
Lot 1: 11 table configurations consisting of a total of 28 standard stainless steel optical laser tables, including non-isolating rigid optical table supports.
The SA2 also features “in-grid” counter-bored holes and generous edge chamfers that make lifting, aligning, and integrating the SA2 onto standard optical tables much easier than competitive models.
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