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(Roman mythology) goddess of abundance and fertility

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But tellingly, the impetus for the prosecution came not from OPS but from the Justice Department.
This union brings tremendous benefits to our customers, partners, and employees," says Core Ops founder, Glenn Hoormann.
As the new president and CEO, Mitchell Weseley brings to OPS more than 25 years of experience in establishing successful small to mid-sized companies in the transportation and logistics industries.
OPS is the developer and manufacturer of the OPS-1, an on-board oil refiner system that can be easily mounted on any brand of diesel engines.
The Visible Ops Handbook: Implementing ITIL in Four Practical and Auditable Steps, discusses how these high performing organizations (with "amazing kung-fu") achieved their transformation from good to great.
The partnership strengthens Preventsys' professional services offering by delivering the Special Ops Security team and their combined three decades' worth of information security expertise to Preventsys customers, not only during initial deployment of the ESM system but also as an ongoing trusted security expert.
Any party who is interested in participating in the auction of the OPS assets should contact the company or its counsel for a copy of the order establishing the sale and auction procedures and other relevant information.
Black Ops Onsite was especially created to take PC Laptops' No.
By contrast, 1,080 BCC 17GB 10K RPM drives cost $1,512,000 (a savings of $1,209,600) and deliver 84,240 OPS (29 percent greater performance).
Slated for initial delivery in Spring 2003, Op Kids products will be distributed through department stores and specialty retail locations.