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any infection caused by a microorganism that does not normally cause disease in humans

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Our descriptive study done at a tertiary care hospital of eastern India showed that the main burden of opportunistic infections in HAART experienced HIV patients still lies on tuberculosis followed by candidiasis.
Patients living with HIV-AIDS suffer from many opportunistic infections during their disease span like pulmonary and extra pulmonary tuberculosis by typical and atypical mycobacteria, gastrointestinal infections especially by cryptosporiodiosis, fungal infections especially candidiasis, viral infections especially cytomegalovirus, various pnuemonias most importantly by pneumocystic carinii, and many more.
By category, the pathogens involved in opportunistic infections in any organ system, including pulmonary, are Bacterial and Mycobacterial.
After the emergence of HIV infection, histoplasmosis has become 1 of many troublesome opportunistic infections among patients with AIDS.
He adds that if scientists can find some agent to keep this signal from reaching infectious microbes, they may be able to prevent opportunistic infections of P.
Our HIV-positive patient had a mild infection, with a normal CD4 count and no history of opportunistic infection.
While most of the news about HIV these days is sunny, there were some dark rumblings at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Chicago in early February.
The overall decline was attributed to greater access to medical care and to development of newer drug therapies for the AIDS virus and for the myriad opportunistic infections that can occur as fatal complications of AIDS, itself a potentially fatal disease.
Early diagnosis of HIV infection allows women to take full advantage of antiretroviral therapies and preventive drugs for opportunistic infections, both of which can forestall the development of AIDS-related symptoms and prolong life in HIV-infected men and women.
com/research/4e655c/aidsrelated_oppor) has announced the addition of Global Markets Direct's new report "AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections - Pipeline Review, Q2 2011" to their offering.
Opportunistic Infections (OIs] and associated complications account for a considerable proportion of mortality in such patients.
3] It has been observed that the clinical course of HIV infection varies considerably from patient to patient and the spectrum of opportunistic infections also varies depending on the geographic regions.
Opportunistic infections are increasing because of HIV/AIDS, chemotherapeutic treatments, organ transplant procedures, and debilitating diseases.
Starting in 1996, several studies and cohorts demonstrated dramatic decreases in mortality and opportunistic infections with the widespread availability of the protease inhibitors.
First, critical treatments to prevent opportunistic infections came into use in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
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