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United States physicist who directed the project at Los Alamos that developed the first atomic bomb (1904-1967)

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In addition to sharing best practices, Oppenheimer employees can join groups to develop new ideas across time zones and teams.
The SEC states that Oppenheimer agreed to admit wrongdoing for engaging in two courses of misconduct: aiding and abetting illegal activity by a customer, Gibraltar Global Securities, a brokerage firm in the Bahamas not registered to do business in the U.
The action brought his career to a humiliating close, and Oppenheimer, until then a hero of American science, lived out his life a broken man.
Under the skillful leadership of Oppenheimer, a brilliant young physicist plucked from obscurity by the Roosevelt administration during the most dangerous months of the war against Germany and Japan, the Manhattan Project provided a stunning example of the power of bringing together the world's biggest brains in pursuit of a winning weapon.
Matthew Astrachan, Steven Bauer and Mitchell Konsker represented Oppenheimer & Co.
The services are being used by Oppenheimer to support its clients' international assets in more than 70 markets.
Cole chronicles the life of her friend and mentor Frank Oppenheimer during his transition from newly minted physicist, to atomic-bomb researcher whose career was destroyed by McCarthyism, and then to cattle rancher and teacher.
began developing a hydrogen bomb, Oppenheimer opposed it.
Oppenheimer was a brilliant physicist at a time when physics was full of the brightest minds.
CHICAGO -- Oppenheimer Editions, LLC, announces the release of the Oppenheimer Kew Gardens Edition of Basilius Besler's "Hortus Eystettensis," which will allow more collectors to own one of these exquisite prints.
Desi saw that all the studios that Lucy had done movies for were re- releasing all her movies because she was the biggest name in Hollywood all of a sudden,'' said Greg Oppenheimer, producer of the ``I Love Lucy'' DVD series.
Oppenheimer, a board member of BIR's Nonferrous Division, reported that East Asian brass mills are regretting buying on a just-in-time spot basis, as prices for both copper and zinc scrap continue to rise.
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography, this definitive study of the life and times of Oppenheimer will be useful for student and teacher research on The Manhattan Project.
Robert Oppenheimer, the best study of the man in print.