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severe spasm in which the back arches and the head bends back and heels flex toward the back

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Night positioning for a child with Opisthotonus Posturing.
A 168-kg crossbreed yearling steer originating from Mexico was found on a property in northern California in lateral recumbency, with opisthotonus and limbs in extensor rigidity.
The patient continued to have seizures, increased tone, scissoring and opisthotonus, and the occipitofrontal circumference increased from 41 cm to 44 cm.
A 2-year-old child with neuro-developmental delay presented acutely with convulsions and opisthotonus.
On day 15 after presentation the eagle had a seizure, with opisthotonus and leg and wing extension.
A four-year-old boy, with trismus, opisthotonus and spasms received anti-tetanic serum; chloral 5 gr, potassium bromide 5 gr, three hourly; morphia; brandy.
This condition, known as opisthotonus, is a kind of tetanic spasm lasting up to two minutes before the muscles relax and the contraction subsides prior to the onset of another spasm.
Extrapyramidal Haloperidol, Rigidity, opisthotonus, chlorpromazine laryngospasm Narcotic Morphine, heroin, CNS depression, miosis, codeine slow respiration, hypotension Withdrawal Various; alcohol, Piloerection, barbiturates, cocaine, hypertension, benzodiazepines, etc.
Drugs listed in the fourth category in Table 1 are used to treat neurological symptoms and sequelae of stroke such as spasm or opisthotonus accompanied by high fever, dizziness, strong headaches, flushed face, sudden syncope and facial paralysis.
Less than 24 hours after admission, the patient lapsed into a coma with opisthotonus and decerebrate posturing; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed abnormalities in the deep white matter of both cerebellar hemispheres.
People with severe opisthotonus (extensive arching)