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Effects of salinity and temperature during incubation on hatching and development of lingcod Ophiodon elongatus Girard, embryos.
Submersible observations on lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus, nesting below 30 m off Sitka, Alaska.
The environmental biology of the embryos, egg masses and nesting sites of the Lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus.
Lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus, spawning and nesting in San Juan Channel, Washington.
Species Common Name Species Code Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus OELO Mexican rockfish Sebastes macdonaldi SMAC Greenblotched rockfish Sebastes rosenblatti SGBL Brown rockfish Sebastes auriculatus SAUR Vermilion rockfish Sebastes miniatus SMIN Copper rockfish Sebastes caurinus SCAU Widow rockfish Sebastes entomelas SENT Squarespot rockfish Sebastes hopkinsi SHOP Blue rockfish Sebastes mystinus SMYS Bocaccio Sebastes paucispinis SPAU Flag rockfish Sebastes rubrivinctus SRUB Starry rockfish Sebastes constellatus SCON Platform (# of fish) Size Range Common Name (TL in cm) Gail Gilda Grace Lingcod 66.
The lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus, is a large carnivorous fish of the family Hexagrammidae inhabiting the eastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja California (Miller and Lea, 1972).
238 111 238 161 Semicossyphus pulcher 135 397 24 89 Caulolatilus princeps 75 54 262 47 Paralabrax clathratus 6 102 92 65 Paralichthys californicus 32 12 49 54 Seriola lalandi 31 74 6 Sphyraena argentea 12 6 18 Cheilotrema saturnum 0 0 21 Paralabrax nebulifer 0 0 18 Cynoscion parvipinnis 3 2 12 Ophiodon elongatus 5 0 3 8 Atractoscion nobilis 12 0 2 1 Girella nigricans 1 4 3 0 Stereolepis gigas 1 0 1 Scorpaena guttata 1 0 0 Coryphaena hippurus 1 0 0 0 Caranx hippos 1 0 0 Total 505 729 755 501 Species Subtotal % Rel % Cum Sebastes sp.
Lingcod, Ophiodon elongatus, are taken by recreational anglers mostly in rocky areas <70 m deep, although they are also taken in commercial trawls at greater depths.
A telemetric study of the home ranges and homing routes of lingcod Ophiodon elongatus on shallow rocky reefs off Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
decagrammus (kelp greenling) opaque 2 -- Ophiodon elongatus (lingcod) opaque 3 -- Atractoscion nobilis n.
Stock group Common name Scientific name Rockfish bocaccio Sebastes paucispinis canary rockfish Sebastes pinniger chilipepper Sebastes goodei darkblotched rockfish Sebastes crameri Pacific ocean perch Sebastes alutus widow rockfish Sebastes entornelas yelloweye rockfish Sebastes ruberrimus yellowtail rockfish Sebastes flavidus shortspine thornyhead Sebastolobus alascanus Roundfish cabezon Seorpaenichthys marmoratus lingcod Ophiodon elongatus Pacific whiting Merluecius productus sablefish Anoplopoma fimbria Flatfish Dover sole Microstomus pacificas petrale sole Eopsetta jordani Coastal Pacific mackerel Scomber japonicus pelagic Pacific sardine Sardinops sagax No.
Hunger, light level and body size affect refuge use by post-settlement lingcod Ophiodon elongatus.
Thornyheads 5 Hexagrammidae Ophiodon elongatus Lingcod 2 Cottidae Artedius spp.
flavidus [yellowtail rockfish], Ophiodon elongatus [lingcod], and Microstomus pacificus [Dover sole]) or noncommercial (e.