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Fifteen Taiwanese new records of ophidiid fishes (Pisces: Ophidiidae) collected from the deep waters by the RV Ocean Researcher I.
galathea is an ophidiid (cusk eel) and was trawled from the Puerto Rico Trench from a depth of 8370 m in 1970.
There were a few notable exceptions: ISIIS underestimated paralichthyids and scopthalmids and estimated relatively greater proportions of phycids and ophidiids than the bongo sampler.
The pelvic fins, as a pair of filamentous rays, in Chilara taylori and Ophidion scrippsae (Basketweave Cusk-eel) (the two ophidiids with which it would most likely be confused), are inserted on the isthmus vertically under the eye.
The otolith-based fishes are dominated by sciaenids, congrids, ophidiids, and bothids with one taxon (genus Sciaenidarum gemma) comprising approximately 73% of the specimens.