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the expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)

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Total operating expenses in this combined region increased at an annual rate of 6.
The inclusion of trading costs increases the expense hurdle an active manager must overcome to over 3% (more than 1% each for operating expenses, cost of cash and trading costs).
In order to reduce future operating expenses and consolidate the number of physical locations following an acquisition, companies often incur fees and charges to terminate leases or contractual commitments.
Future operating expense reductions related to consolidating existing operating units will include: 1) reduced rent and facility operations overhead; 2) a reduction in overall headcount; and 3) a reduction in overall general and administrative expenses.
From 1995 to 2000, average operating expenses increased by 16%, but in the succeeding five-year period from 2000 to 2005, operating expenses increased by 30%.
The bad news is that these factors are considered normal operating expense line items that will lower your project's indicated value, therefore reducing how much money you can borrow.
Operating expenses for high-rise condominiums (17 percent of the survey sample) increased 17.
Also critical is a good internal information system that provides up-to-date and detailed monitoring of operating expenses.
Commenting on the Company's operations, Anthony LaPine, Chairman and CEO of Semotus, noted, "Although our major focus in this fiscal quarter has been devoted to solidifying the Citytalk merger, we are gratified to report substantial improvement in reducing operating expenses.
The annual statement of operating expenses for the base year serves as the foundation for calculating operating expense escalations for all future escalation years during the lease term.
Although weather was significantly warmer than normal, we were able to offset the impact of lower sales volumes with improved margins and higher fee revenues to cover increased operating expenses," noted Greenberg.
Operating expenses and real estate taxes rose sharply, the report said, each posting a 10.
The rating currently reflects the credit quality of MUD Gas' ability to meet its operating expenses (including purchases of natural gas) and its revenue pledge net of its operating expenses.
Escalations represent a landlord's opportunity to recover from tenants increases in operating expenses used for the property maintenance and operations of the property occupied by these tenants.
PEI and PEII receive capacity payments and variable energy payments that generally reimburse their variable operating expenses.
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