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the expense of maintaining property (e.g., paying property taxes and utilities and insurance)

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This study also found that reducing operating expenses to 0.
Co-op operating expenses up, assessments decline considerably.
Significant cash reserves should be on hand to cover at least one half of a year's operating expenses.
Operating expenses at Energy Services increased slightly primarily reflecting increased costs associated with electric generation partially offset by a decrease in uncollectible accounts expense.
The annual statement of operating expenses for the base year serves as the foundation for calculating operating expense escalations for all future escalation years during the lease term.
Operating expenses were $15,960,236 for the first nine months of 1994, compared to $7,151,528 for the same period in 1993.
In aggregate, these arrangements give MUD Gas liquidity equal to over two months of operating expenses.
Operating expenses and real estate taxes rose sharply, the report said, each posting a 10.
However, for the smallest companies (annual revenues under $2 million), operating expenses as a percentage of revenues were about half-again more than they were for the largest companies (over $100 million in annual revenues).
PEI and PEII receive capacity payments and variable energy payments that generally reimburse their variable operating expenses.
Escalations represent a landlord's opportunity to recover from tenants increases in operating expenses used for the property maintenance and operations of the property occupied by these tenants.
We anticipate that the steps we have taken to reduce Delta's operating expenses will continue to produce positive results," he noted.
Total operating expenses grew on average at 11% annually from 2001-2004, primarily due to costs associated with the expansion projects, higher FDOT overhead expenses, and transponders and staffing needs related to SunPass.
Though median total operating expenses rose for all building types in 1996, in most cases the increases were small and did not outpace growth in rents.
We made good progress during the quarter in controlling operating expenses, resulting in lower unit costs and improved operating performance versus the December 1991 quarter," Roeck told the Board.
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