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Synonyms for authentication

Synonyms for authentication

a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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OpenID allows you to log into another site without having to create an additional password.
Rehman, "OpenID Protocol: Miscellaneous Topics, Get Ready for OpenID," 1st ed.
myOneLogin is designed to work with any Web-based application that supports federation standards such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID or the standard username and password.
Since OpenID is decentralized, any Web site can use it.
com is one of the first European portals to offer OpenID, a new service allowing any web surfer to use a single Internet address.
So far it's been supported by a small - but growing - number of web sites, but the biggest new OpenID service is from Yahoo
0 crowd through the emerging OpenID standard will drive real-world application through clear and effective authentication methodologies.
Revokes the users access to its Single Sign-On Portal, preventing access to all company applications authenticated using SAML or OpenID Connect.
The foundation was also laid for the transition from the depreciated Google OpenID 2.
According to the report, Silva found the bug related to code used for OpenID, an authentication system that lets people use the same login credentials for multiple online services, which could be executed from a remote computer.
The solution allows users to: extend enterprise LDAP & SSO to mobile access frameworks such as OAuth, OpenID Connect and JSON Web Tokens; protect mobile REST & OData APIs against attack, build custom geo-fencing policies, proxy mobile streaming protocols like WebSockets and XMPP; translate and orchestrate back-end information services into mobile-ready formats; aggregate, pre-fetch and cache data retrieval calls for improved performance; and simplify integration with notification services and external cloud services.
com, the Chatter platform explicitly prohibits OpenID as a user authentication method at this time, although he thinks the standard is a good one for consumer and 'prosumer' applications.
With OpenID integration, Google Apps users can access the other applications without signing in separately to each.
The underlying architectural guidelines make it possible to integrate further IDM protocols with the latest enhancements moving to provide preliminary support for OpenID 1.
com has launched a personalized, portable OpenID solution for the mass market, in partnership with Global Name Registry, the global administrator of the .