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Synonyms for localization

a determination of the place where something is

(physiology) the principle that specific functions have relatively circumscribed locations in some particular part or organ of the body

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As the leading provider of open source solutions, Red Hat is committed to promoting industry-wide standards such as OpenI18N that will ultimately benefit end users around the world.
The m17n library development team is a member of OpenI18N, the Open Internationalization Initiative of the Free Standards Group, and is working to promote the m17n library as a global standard.
2 and OpenI18N from the Free Standards group, allows broader hardware and software vendor support as well as adoption by large enterprises with heterogeneous IT shops.
0 will be compliant with existing Linux standards such as Linux Standard Base (LSB) and OpenI18N (internationalization and localization), and will be available in English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Hungarian.
Less than a year after the initial release of the OpenI18N Standard (formerly Li18nux), the Free Standards Group announced the launch of the OpenI18N Certification program.